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In 1982, I began searching for a "show" newf. My search resulted in DOMINO, and ANGEL, my foundation breeding stock. My sincere thanks and gratitude to Hilda Deslauriers-Ginter for allowing me the privilege of starting with her "Bearbrook" stock. I also thank Hilda for all the sound breeding advice she gave me, and for always allowing me to "pick her brain" on different breeding matters. The most important thing that Hilda taught me is that there is no perfect dog, and that you need to weigh the entire dog for strengths and weaknesses before making a decision whether to breed him or her. I still follow the guide lines that Hilda gave me when I purchased my foundation stock from her.

While health clearances are a wonderful tool when choosing your breeding stock, breed type and temperament are of equal importance. There is no use in breeding dogs with health clearances, if they don't look like the breed they are supposed to be.

I have consistently set high standards for my studs and brood bitches. First and foremost is mental and physical soundness, followed closely by breed type and working ability. I carefully incorporated new blood into my foundation stock, bringing in new stock from various kennels throughout the United States and Canada

I have always been selective in my breedings, and if I find any health problems either from certain combinations or from new bloodlines being introduced, I do not hesitate to immediately remove those lines from my breeding program.


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