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Our Story... Where it all Started...

My love affair with this wonderful breed began on my honeymoon in the summer of 1972. I obtained my first newf that fall. Although Shadow was spayed as a youngster, my dream was to eventually be in a position to breed and raise these wonderful beings. After losing Shadow to cancer at 8 ½ years, my family and I impulsively answered a newspaper advertisement for Newfoundland puppies. This resulted in the acquisition of "Maggie", from a back yard breeder in the upper peninsula of Michigan. first newf, my beloved ..."Shadow" (1972 - 1980)

Although Maggie was purebred AND hip certified, she was everything a newf should not be. From her dominant, aggressive personality to her lack of breed type, she taught me more about what a GOOD newf should be than any book ever could. Even though she had her hip clearances, it did not mean she should be bred and subsequently, Maggie was spayed at 10 months of age, remaining part of my newf family, strictly as an obedience dog.

I began searching for a "show" newf. My search resulted in DOMINO, and ANGEL, my foundation breeding stock. My sincere thanks and gratitude to Hilda Deslauriers-Ginter for allowing me the privilege of starting with her "Bearbrook" stock.

There are many MOONFLEET NEWFS worldwide, including the Netherlands, South Africa, France, Japan, and Germany. My furries are scattered throughout the United States and Canada. My newfs have been the foundation stock for several kennels.


.. Where it Ended... late 2004...

Unfortunately my 33 year marriage, as well as the era of "Moonfleet" as a breeding kennel came to an end in late 2004. Most of my breeding stock went on to other kennels.  It was an extremely gut wrenching decision to make, as my bloodlines were just where I wanted them to be.

Thanks to all those people who were so concerned, for the phone calls, the e-mails, the kind notes, etc.

Although - at this point - I will not be breeding any longer, "MOONFLEET" and what I have worked to accomplish will live on through: Golden Oaks Newfoundlands (Scholten); Sangar Newfoundands (Rompot); Watchbear Newfoundlands (Fashempour); Iron Range Newfoundlands (Hytinen); Oberon Newfoundlands (Heinz), and Sea Warrier Newfoundlands (Draper).

2008 - UPDATE

I'm back!!!  I am blessed to have my "Kitty" (Moonfleet's Honky Tonk Angel), back home with me.  "Kitty" has whelped a black litter of 6 lovely babies.  "Izzy" and I were in shows in June, where she obtained her first championship point.  "Elsie" and I are participating in working activities.

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