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When researching breeders, ask LOTS of questions. If a breeder says that their breeding stock is active in conformation, draft or carting, therapy, obedience, etc., you should demand to see the certificates for what they say they have accomplished with the breed. You should also be able to see certificates for health clearances. A reliable breeder will be happy to provide you proof of their accomplishments, as well as health clearances on their breeding stock.

REGISTRATION:--In Canada, it is ILLEGAL for a breeder to represent a dog as "purebred" and not provide papers. Canadian breeders MUST supply registration papers at NO EXTRA COST. Beware of breeders who offer a "discount" for not supplying papers.

In Canada, the breeder is responsible for completion, submission and payment of the registration with the Canadian Kennel Club. By law, registration papers MUST be supplied to puppy buyers WITHIN SIX MONTHS of the date of purchase.

If a Canadian breeder does not provide a buyer with registration papers, the buyer can contact the Canadian Kennel Club 416-675-5511, and ask for information on how to obtain their registration documents.

Under Canadian Kennel Club by-laws, it is illegal for a CKC member/breeder to offer mixed breed (non purebred) dogs for sale.


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